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Listen and Receive: Yin Yoga Soundbath to Nourish
3:00 PM15:00

Listen and Receive: Yin Yoga Soundbath to Nourish

Carve out an afternoon for yourself to slow down from all the business of everyday activities and receive the gift of the Yin Yoga practice with sound bath. Return to your center and home of your body as we soak and nourish the deep connective tissue of our bodies in the Yin Yoga practice while being enveloped by the magical and healing music of Lucia's sound bath.

Yin Yoga is an essential quiet yoga practice that brings greater health to the deeper structures of our bodies—the joints, bones and the facial networks that envelop all. The Yin practice will bring balance and nourish the deep tissues of our bodies.

Lucia's sound bath journey in savasana allows for deep relaxation and restoration. Lucia will use her voice (mantras, chants, channeled music), Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, her medicine drum, koshi bells, percussion, kalimba, uke, guitar, looping pedal and other instruments gathered in her travels to create an experience conducive for inner journeying.

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Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop
3:30 PM15:30

Autumn Yin Yoga Workshop

presented by Soulstice Mind Body Spa

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season brings its energetic quality. Autumn identifies with the metal element, which cultivates the movement of letting go and enriching ourselves, by pulling inward and finding meaning.

In this two-hour workshop, students will engage in a Yin series specifically related to Autumn and the element of Metal. Asanas will focus on stimulating the lung and large intestine meridians helping to strengthen respiratory function, improve digestive health and increase overall immunity.

Join Diana For this opening and releasing Yin practice while being enveloped by the strengthening healing sounds of Mirabai's music.

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