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Go! Oh Go! Go out to see the world!
And wherever you go, be brave
To whomever you meet, be kind...
With whatever you have, do good.
— Leigh Stanley


After graduating from Bates College, Diana studied and trained as a Naturalist in Northern Minnesota at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.  Here she not only was trained as an outdoor educator but picked up invaluable skills such as orienteering, cross country skiing, rock climbing, & survival skills later to be used as a base for her trips.

She became a Specialized Sea Kayaking Registered Maine Guide leading trips, adventures in coastal Maine.  And in addition trained exensively with The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and became an advanced cross country ski instructor - teaching and directing programs in Massachussets and CA.

With the Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Diana received her Outdoor Educator and  Wilderness First Responder certification mastering ways to manage risk for groups in remote places and honing her skills as a transformative leader. Navigating the physical and mental challenges of the outdoors, Diane’s experience with Outward Bound practiced route finding strategies, making travel decisions in a group and training companion rescue techniques.

Combining a foundation in yoga, Diana developed her own yoga adventure trips.  She has led groups skiing and yoga in the Alps, Stowe VT, Lake Tahoe CA,  kayaking and yoga in Baja, Cape Cod, Maine,  & hiking and yoga in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Alive Anew Retreats incorporate the adventurous spirit of the outdoors with daily restorative yoga and mindfulness practices. 

My work is loving the world...
my work which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.
— Mary Oliver

"If you are looking for a challenging indulgence, this week in the Alps is it. For the person who enjoys hiking, yoga and mindfulness, this is the triple treat. You can't find a more special hiking environment or destination, paired with Diana's skill and leadership both on the trails and in the pre-post yoga sessions. You will push yourself on the trail and be pampered and indulge when you put your feet up at night. The views on the trail are matched only by those out your hotel windows where you can reflect on what you traversed or scaled earlier in the day (or will the next morning)."


"This adventure has been all I dreamed it would be and more. You are a lovely person, a forever friend and a true professional. Thanks for walking me through the next steps of my journey."